Senior General Manager (Projects)


Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) stands as the biggest gas utility Company of Pakistan with highly trained and dedicated work force led by a dynamic management and hardworking leadership. Projects department is an integral part of the Company. Initially SNGPL's construction work was carried out by foreign companies. Starting from 1973, Projects department took over designing, procurement and construction of high pressure transmission lines and allied facilities independently.

Since its inception, Projects department had undertaken various construction assignments starting from Project-1 upto Project-9. The completion of Project-8 enabled SNGPL to raise its gas capacity from 1380 to 1680 Million Cubic Feet Per Day (MMCFD). In Projects-8 a total of 690 Km transmission lines were laid comprising of pipelines ranging from 8" diameter to 36" diameter. The total cost of Project-8 was US$160 Million. Project-9 was aimed at elimination of bottlenecks in the existing transmission network, by system up-gradation with loop lines and compression system enhancements. It consisted of 573 Km of transmission pipelines ranging from 12" diameter to 36" diameter. The budgeted total cost of Project-9 was US$200 Million.

Projects department is equipped with qualified, experienced and competent engineers and technicians besides modern construction machinery. The department has completed several pipeline construction projects as an EPC Contractor for National and Multinational clients in Pakistan. Currently work is in progress on various contract projects of M/s MOL.

At present, construction activities of 42" diameter 21.85 Km loopline are underway. Work on 24" dia 54.50 km Kohat-Dakhni line is also in progress. It is part of Infrastructure Development Project comprising 145 Km of 24" diameter and 38 Km of 10" diameter natural gas transmission lines. This project is designed to absorb additional gas available from northern sources in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and to make the system flexible. The total cost of the project is Rs.5,165 Million.

Main objectives of this project are:

  • To pick up additional northern gas supplies (160 MMCFD) available in coming years.
  • Transmission of excess gas in reverse direction from North to South part of SNGPL's network.
  • Flexibility of bi-directional gas flow to counter unforeseen situations / emergencies.
  • Company is in the planning process for construction of 42" diameter 153 Km pipelines to cater for upcoming LNG gas imports aimed easing energy demands in the country.

Updated: 08-06-2017