Employee Welfare

Eligibility Criteria:
  1. Minimum six (6) years service for EMPLOYEE WELFARE LOAN.
  2. Maximum age limit for EMPLOYEE WELFARE LOAN is fifty five (55) years.
  3. Minimum twelve (12) years service to avail both EMPLOYEE WELFARE LOAN & MOTORCYCLE LOAN simultaneously.
  4. No DISCIPLINARY ENQUIRY/PROCEEDINGS pending or in process.
  5. Employee can avail EMOPLOYEE WELFARE LOAN THREE (3) times during service with a gap of ten (10) years.
  6. Last date to apply is April 29, 2019.

Application for Employee Welfare Loan 2018-19
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Employees Welfare Loan
In terms of agreement reached between the Management and the CBA, i hereby undertake that I will pay Rs. 1000/ (Rupees One Thousand only) before disbursement of loan to the company to be kept in a separate account titled "SNGPL Subordinate Employees Welfare Fund Suspense Account" to meet any future contingency as per settlement between the Management and the CBA.
I also authorize the Management to deduct any outstanding balance of my Welfare Loan from my Provident Fund Balance or any other terminal benefits to which I may be entitled to in case of termination of my services by the company for any reason(s) whatsoever. I also undertake that no disciplinary action or any balance amount of subject loan is pending against me. Presently, I am not availing subject loan.