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Future Prospects

Currently, laying of transmission pipelines and distribution lines under Annual Distribution Development Program for various localities/villages across Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is being carried out. Highlights of the construction activities in progress include:

  • Construction licenses have been issued to three parties for installation of LNG Floating Storage and Re-gasification Units (FSRU) for import of LNG to meet the prevailing shortfall in gas supply. In accordance with third party access rules, SNGPL / SSGC's system would be open to these licenses for transportation of their RLNG on payment of transportation tariff. In line with the directives of MP&NR, SNGPL is planning to enhance the pipeline system capacity for upcoming LNG timelines.
  • SNGPL is also pursuing to undertake supply of Synthetic Natural Gas (LPG-Air Mix) as replacement of natural gas to help ease the prevailing energy crisis in the country. Company is also working to bottle and market LPG cylinders to the prospective areas given the rising demand of energy. Different options including establishing new LPG facility, hospitality arrangement with third party and acquiring the LPG facility are under consideration to set modus operandi for entering in to the business.
  • Spade work on Iran Pakistan (IP) Gas Pipeline project is underway and it is hoped that SNGPL would be able to get additional gas supply of 500 MMCFD in the years ahead.
  • The Company is engaged in various pipeline construction projects of national and multinational companies. The relations with these companies have remained exemplary especially with M/s MOL Pakistan who after their first working interaction with SNGPL at Manzalai gas gathering system awarded the company with jobs of Mamikhel-1 flow line, Maramzai-1 flow line, Makori Feed line, Manzalai-8 flow line and recently Makori East flow line. Besides this, MOL Pakistan has further desired to enter into five year contractual relationship with SNGPL and has suggested to sign blanket service order in this respect. Their future projects include Tolanj-1, Mamikhel-2, Manzalai-9, Maramzai-2, Manzalai-10, Manazalai-11, Mardankheil-1, Manzalai-12, Mardankheil-south etc. Lately, MOL Pakistan plan to initiate the working on Manzalai-9 flow line for which they have requested us to conduct preliminary survey work and prepare cost estimate. In this respect, SNGPL is quite hopeful on getting this job as well.
  • SNGPL has also got excellent working relationship with OGDCL who had awarded the Qadirpur compression project to SNGPL last year which involved the installation of 14 Nos. compressor packages including civil works, 22,000 inches-dia pigging work and electrical & instrument work. SNGPL completed this project in minimum record time facilitating the injection of additional gas supply to SNGPL. Recently, OGDCL has awarded another pipeline project at its Reti & Maru gas field involving construction of 18 KM gathering mains of diameter 4"/6"/8" on which the work has been started.