Regulatory Regime comprises of:

  • The Companies Act 2017.
  • Such other Rules and Regulations which the Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP) may prescribe.
  • Listing Regulations of Pakistan Stock Exchange Limited.
  • Public Sector Companies (Corporate Governance) Rules, 2013 & Listed Companies Corporate Governance Regulations, 2017.
  • Public Sector Companies (Appointment of Chief Executive) Guidelines, 2015
  • Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority Ordinance (XVII of 2002) dated 28th March 2002.
  • Natural Gas Regulatory Authority (Licensing) Rules 2002 dated 26th February 2002.
  • Natural Gas Tariff Rules 2002 (Draft – 5 July 2002).
  • Such other Rules and Regulations which the Oil & Gas Regulatory Authority (OGRA) may prescribe.
  • Public Procurement Regulatory Authority (PPRA) Ordinance, 2002.

Under the existing pricing and regulatory regimes, following operating conditions have been laid down:

  • Allocation of gas from different sources is made by GOP while the wellhead prices are fixed by the OGRA per Petroleum Concession Agreements/contracts.
  • Consumer selling price including sales to major consumers (i.e. power, fertilizers etc) are notified by the GOP/OGRA.
  • SNGPL is guaranteed a rate of return @ 17.5% on its net fixed assets in operation (ROA) for meeting financial charges, taxation and a reasonable return to the shareholders.
  • The prescribed price i.e. the price which the company is allowed to retain out of consumers selling price to meet the covenanted rate of return, is determined by OGRA.


Updated: 14-03-2019