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Construction Activities in Progress

A snapshot of ongoing construction projects including both transmission as well as distribution pipelines is as follows:

Transmission Pipelines

  • Work on 24"Ø x 46.8 Km transmission line from Phool Nager to Ferozepur Road is in progress for better distribution and improvement of gas pressure in Lahore.
  • Work on 8"Ø x 20 Km transmission line from Chenab River to Jalalpur Jattan line is almost complete.
  • 16"Ø x 7 Km transmission line from Wazirabad to Chenab River has started.
  • 16"Ø x 17 Km transmission line for Quaid e Azam Apparel is near completion.
  • Work on the remaining portion of 24"Ø IDP (Infrastructure Development Project) line is in progress.
  • Projects Department is also currently working on the construction of 25 Sales Metering Stations.
  • Our Construction crew is fully prepared to start the construction of 16"Ø x 49 Km transmission line from Khairpur Daha to Bahawalpur. Work will be started as soon as the pipe and other material is received.
  • 16"Ø x 29.20 Km transmission pipeline project for Rashakai is going to start in coming days. Procurement of material is in progress and construction activities will be started as soon as required pipe and material is received.

Distribution Pipelines & Distribution Network

Currently Projects Department is working on more than 300 small and medium size projects of laying gas supply mains and networks(MS & PE) all over Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Diameter wise break-up of the current projects is as follows:

1. 1"Ø and 1¼"Ø 185,091
2. 2"Ø 198,665
3. 4"Ø 124,741
4. 6"Ø 206,811
5. 8"Ø 108,379
6. 10"Ø 80,297
7. 12"Ø 27,205
8. 16"Ø 43,072
Total 974,261