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Planning & Development

Farrukh Majeed Bala

Farrukh Majeed Bala

General Manager

Planning & Development is responsible for Survey & Design, Geographical Information System (GIS), Mapping and Contracts. The job scope includes:

  • Planning, Survey and design of new transmission pipeline system, distribution supply mains and augmentation of existing transmission / distribution system.
  • Design of installations related to gas pipelines like Valves Assessments, Gas Meter Stations, industrial consumer meter stations etc.
  • To carry out gas network analysis of transmission / distribution system.
  • Preparation of bid documents, tendering and award of contracts relating to pipeline construction.
  • To provide technical services to all engineering departments to resolve technical & design issues.
  • Development of Geographical Information System (GIS) maps of natural gas distribution network and transmission pipelines.
  • To undertake domestic / international business development activities for identifying various projects where company can provide engineering, procurement and construction services for pipeline and related facilities.

The department has its independent Computer Aided Design (CAD) cell and GIS mapping center with latest hardware, software and trained professionals. AutoCAD release 2008 software is used as drafting tool in developing design drawings in CAD cell.