Chief Financial Officer



Finance Department is responsible for setting up financial strategy including investments and financial plans to support business operations. Assessing feasibility of new initiatives including their impact on affairs of the organization and development of plans and managing risks associated with them are covered under Finance Department.


Consumer satisfaction is one of the missions of the Company. The Billing Department of SNGPL has been working to achieve this mission by technological up gradation thus ensuring error free billing to the consumers. In order to facilitate the consumer this department has collaborated with leading banks of the Country to collect bills from the consumers on their behalf. The timely delivery of accurate bills and their recovery is the core responsibility of Billing Department.


The preparation of quarterly, six monthly and annual Accounts for the approval of Board and Regulatory Authority and dissemination of these financial statements to all the shareholders is one of the main responsibilities of this department. It is also responsible for monitoring all cash inflows and outflows of the Company. The role of this department is crucial for book-keeping of financial records. Filing and dealing tax matters including sales tax and income tax are some of the functions managed under this department.

Regulatory Affairs

Regulatory Affairs department primarily deals with all matters pertaining to the Oil and Gas Regulatory Authority. The Department is responsible on all issues related to tariff, which include preparation, filing and defense of all tariff related petitions and, if required, filing motion for review on the OGRA decisions. It is also responsible for performing functions of vigilance and audit, for strict compliance of OGRA license conditions, performance and service standards and other OGRA laws. It coordinates between OGRA and different departments of the Company for the purpose of complaint resolution.


Core function of this department is the management of company's funds with ultimate goal of maximizing the liquidity and mitigating its operational and financial risks with prudent treasury management. This department monitors cash inflows and outflows, collection of funds from gas consumers, placement of company's funds and investment of all trust funds on best negotiated rates. Arranging financing facilities from banks for projects and working capital requirement of the company is one of the major responsibilities. Role of this department is crucial for ensuring availability of funds for timely discharge of obligations of the company. Maintaining and preparing accounts of all trust funds, filing of tax returns and dealing tax matters of trust funds also come under the control of this department.

Updated: 22-06-2017