General Manager


In view of acute shortage of natural gas in the country, Government of Pakistan has directed both the Public Sector natural gas utilities companies operating in the country to work on alternate means to address the gas shortage on short term and long term basis.Accordingly, SNGPL formed an LPG/LNG department to undertake projects on LPG and LNG. In order to move forward following arenas were indentified for LPG/LNG part of business

  • Supply of LPG-Air Mix to specific industrial / domestic areas through distribution pipeline network and/or standalone basis to cater to shortfall of gas.
  • LNG Project to cater to long term gas shortages issue.
  • Bottling and Marketing of LPG cylinders in both domestic & commercial sectors.
  • LPG pipelines project to cater to up country requirements.
  • LPG Auto Gas in transport sector to provide alternate fuel option.
  • Resolute

Updated: 22-06-2017