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Engineering Services



Senior General Manager

Engineering Services (ES)

Six engineering departments namely Planning & Development, Corrosion Control,Quality Assurance, LPG-LNG, Metering and Civil Construction come under the control of Engineering Services (ES). Sr. General Manager (ES) is head of six engineering departments each headed by a General Manager who looks after the activities of its department. ES provides all technical services / expertise required by the execution departments for undertaking their assigned jobs in accordance with applicable international codes & standards and organizes the activities of departments under its control. It provides a coordination link to departments falling under its purview for better planning and execution of jobs.

Brief functions of each department are as under:

Planning & Development Department deals with planning, survey and design of new transmission pipeline system, distribution supply mains and augmentation of existing transmission / distribution system.

Corrosion Control Department is responsible for corrosion protection of underground infrastructure from corrosion and rust by applying cathodic protection.

Quality Assurance Department is responsible for ensuring the implementation of standard procedures and design drawings developed on the basis of national / international codes in pipeline construction, operation and maintenance for transmission pipeline and distribution system.

Metering Department is responsible for inspection, repair, maintenance, calibration, flow proving and configuration of measurement/communication gadgets (i.e. meters, Electronic Volume Correctors (EVCs) and modems GSM/GPRS) being installed in Distribution System, prepare technical specifications for procurement of quality measurement/communication gadgets to ensure customer satisfaction on measuring instruments by adopting International Standards, Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008 and R & D activities for introduction of latest measurement techniques.

LNG-LPG Department is pursuing to undertake LNG & LPG projects on the initiative of Government of Pakistan to reduce the energy crisis. Currently department is pursuing following projects:

  • Supply of Synthetic Natural Gas (LPG-Air Mix) to consumer in far flung areas as replacement of natural gas
  • Import of LNG

Civil Construction is responsible for up keep of company infrastructure along with planning for future requirements. We specialize in construction and maintenance of residential, commercial and industrial buildings and allied facilities. To make our structures aesthetically pleasing, distinguished and sustainable we expertly utilize the fair face cladding technique. The vast and magnificent infrastructure of the company, stretching throughout Pakistan is a testament to our skills and commitment. The department holds true to the values established by our Management and remains committed to serve. Our success in providing quality services has always been dependent on the talent and commitment of our staff. The Department strives to provide the best solutions to our company wide requirements and has always strived hard to improve the environment of the workplace. Furthermore, the Department is also responsible for companywide requirement of furniture and maintaining standards for furniture procurement. Civil Construction Department is the custodian of quality and serves the company’s needs consistently and efficiently by believing in innovation, teamwork, professionalism and long-term decision-making.