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 FSD/TRANS/002/18  19, Feb 2019 11:00 AM 
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 Provision and laying of Tuff Tile (I / Uni-Section 60 mm thick and Average Compressive Strength = 6500-7000 Psi) including 2” Sand Cushion (on average) with leveling using 3" P.C.C 1:3:6 over 3" brick blast / Crust Stone (Bajar) and sand filling using vibrating compactor along with concrete Toe wall (wherever required) including labor and material complete in all respect. Construction of Septic Tank (Size 6'x6' externally with three (03) compartments) along with laying of 50 RFT 6” dia PVC Sewerage line and hookup of Sewerage line with existing setup. Provision and Installation of water tank (Capacity=200 gallons)  --
Attachements FSDTRANS00218.pdf