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General Manager

Compression Department is the backbone of SNGPL as it plays a vital role of pumping the gas in transmission network. The compressor station is the "engine" that powers an interstate natural gas pipeline by compression of natural gas (pumping up its pressure) thereby providing energy to move the gas through the pipeline.

Compression Department was established to conceptualize the requirement of Compressed Gas to the consumption centers. SNGPL owns one of the continent's largest and most sophisticated compression systems of natural gas. Our Network of 11 compressor stations with a fleet of 69 Gas Turbine driven Compressor Packages of 226,200 installed HP installed at SNGPL's network every 65 to 90 Miles, connecting virtually every major natural gas supply basin and market.

With an unrivaled experience in the region of more than 6 million fired hours, Compression department is self-sufficient in all operations, maintenance, Turbine / reciprocating engine overhauling and installations & commissioning activities for Compressor stations, matching the pace of company’s network expansion and global technological developments. In this scenario, we have achieved a great milestone by constructing the new Compressor Station for injection of LNG in our system at AC-IX utilizing the indigenous / local expertise and with limited resources within shortest possible period. We are also operating and maintaining the co-generation plant as well as gas engines producing electricity for power supply to head office building with minimum work force.

Compression Department ensures smooth & reliable operations at compressor stations to supply natural gas to consumption centers at requisite pressures & flows to accomplish transmission system requirements by ensuring equipment & plant reliability and availability through preventive & predictive maintenance techniques, monitoring & evaluation of performance, continuous system improvement & up-gradation through incorporation of latest international technological developments, and planning & development for compression system augmentation & plant expansion while complying to international codes & standards, established HSE & quality management standards.

Compression department owns one of the largest turbine engine overhauling facility in the country, established at Multan, under transfer of technology agreement with OEM of gas turbine, thus saving overhauling cost in terms of foreign exchange. The sophisticated test cell facility ensures mechanical integrity and performance of overhauled engines according to international codes and standards. Moreover, our field maintenance crews are highly trained for in-field overhauling of centrifugal gas compressors. Being the regional leader in compression technology and turbo-machinery expertise, We also take pride in extending technical and maintenance support for troubleshooting the intricate problems encountered by local companies like OMV, PPL, ENGRO and OGDCL, thus helping their way to restore supply of uninterrupted gas in national gas grid. Our expertise in performance evaluation and condition monitoring of turbo-machinery gives us the edge of operating at enhanced efficiency as well as superior equipment health management.

We continue to boost our capabilities through local recruitment, national and foreign training programs, as well as modifying / replacing obsolete systems. As a result we have improved workmanship, invested in more robust systems and simplified activities to accommodate cutting edge trends. We have got the technology and experience, and we are committed in increasing our technological bench mark through continual process of measuring and improving to enhance our quality of operation and execution.

Compression department is a responsible member of the energy community with a commitment to meet energy demand in an environmentally sound and sustainable manner, through our talented and dedicated employees making it possible to meet customer needs consistently and reliably.