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General Manager

Administration being a pivotal function of the company delivers the best of its support activities while maintaining ethical standards and ensuring resource utilization. The Administration Department plays an integral role as it partners with front end teams/departments to provide the necessary administrative support. The Department is committed in providing the necessary administrative infrastructure to support the pursuit of excellence and continuous expansion in the Company’s network, thus providing fuel for growth.

The aim of the department is to create and maintain a disciplined work environment conducive for smooth/streamlined operations of the Company and secondly to ensure that an auspicious environment prevails which maintains authority while keeping the employee’s motivated. The department assumes the role of Facilitator, whereby its role is to effectively communicate with the HR and other departments of the Company. It is our prerogative to be courteous, amiable and efficient since the Administration Department is the primary interface with the Company’s employees, consequently the prime motive is to be accommodating and compliant so that all operations and work regarding administration is practically facilitated and discharged.

However, owing to the nature of its functions, the department also deals with Public as well as different kind of service providers. The Administration Department strives to adhere to the Company’s policies and be proactive in efficiently devising, planning and executing long, medium, short and contingency plans regarding the Company’s diverse and geographically displaced administrative operations.

Mission Statement of the Department:

“A commitment to cordially enforce all prescribed polices/procedures objectively while maintaining discipline and immaculate working conditions in all areas and regions. To efficiently facilitate and monitor all administrative tasks by focusing on preplanning and preempting future needs for the benefit of our stakeholders”

Vision Statement of the Department:

“Persistently work to manage and expedite all administrative matters. Effectively liaise, coordinate and communicate with all regions/sub-regions/departments for the swift processing and completion of tasks, creating a motivated workforce who show enthusiasm and skill”

Core Values of the Department :

  • Discipline
  • Facilitate
  • Compliance
  • Pragmatic
  • Communicate
  • Resolute


Updated: 17-09-2018