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Message From MD



Managing Director / CEO

Sui Northern Gas Pipelines Limited (SNGPL) is committed to be the leading integrated natural gas provider in the region, seeking to improve the quality of life of customers and achieving maximum benefit for stakeholders, by providing natural gas to its consumers.

We know, as we grow, we will face challenges in growing, prospering and remaining sustainable. We are neither complacent nor naive, we face challenging times ahead and we will do everything we can, to help you through this turbulence, by providing efficient services. We, as a team in SNGPL, are engaged in candid, ongoing discussions about our concerns and there are no easy solutions. If we work together, we think the outcome can be positive for stakeholders, consumers, the Company and the society. We will continue to connect with stakeholders and seek their input as we move forward.

Our responsibility is to deliver un-interrupted supply to our consumers. However, the constraints on supply are beyond our control. We urge our consumers to use natural gas efficiently and economically, since conservancy is the need of the hour.

We also look forward to the support of the authorities and the nation as a whole to curb the menace of gas pilferage, which deprives honest consumers from getting their legitimate share.